Episode 01 (Remastered & Extended Edition) – Social Work and Participatory Action Research with Dr Neil Hall.


Hi Friends,

To help us celebrate the one year anniversary of the Social Work Discoveries podcast, I’ve uploaded a remastered and extended edition of the very first episode of the pod.

On this episode you’ll hear all about Social Work Research & Participatory Action Research with Dr Neil Hall from Western Sydney University.

A special thanks to my co-producers on today’s episode – Georgie Butler & Jeevan Thangarasa (Western Sydney University social work students). Thank you for such fantastic and creative help!

Will speak with you all again soon.


Episode 10 – Eco-social work research and practice with Dr Susan Bailey & Chris Panagiotaros.


Hello Listeners,

This episode was recorded with Dr Susan Bailey from the University of Western Australia and Chris Panagiotaros from Western Sydney University. We talk all things Eco-Social Work, Environmentalism, Grief and Loss Theory, and Participatory Action Research.

We recorded this episode at the 2018 International Social Work, Education, and Social Development Conference held in Dublin, Ireland.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!


Episode 09 – Prisoner perspectives, ethnography, ethics, and the criminal justice system with Dr Maggie Hall.


Hi Friends,

Following up from our last conversation on the criminal justice sector, I really wanted to invite Dr Maggie Hall onto the podcast to continue this investigation into social work, research and the intersections with the criminal justice system here in Australia. And she really has delivered some fantastic insights and ideas! So buckle up and get ready for a straight-talking chat with Maggie, who will delve into prisoner perspectives, ethnography, ethics of practice and research in the criminal justice sector. We hope you enjoy.


Episode 08 – Social Work Research in the Youth & Criminal Justice sector with Professor Brian Stout.

Hello Listeners,

In episode eight of the social work discoveries podcast we hear from Professor Brian Stout, who was happy to share some really important insights and discussion on the role of social work within the youth and criminal justice system around the world, and the intersections with research. He gives some critical perspective on why social workers are needed in this sector of welfare work, and also gives a vision for the ongoing education of social workers in coming years.

We hope you enjoy our chat.


Episode 07 – Understanding social work for the elderly, and researching violence & abuse against older women with Dr Jane Mears.


Hello there!

This is episode 7 of the Social Work Discoveries podcast.

In this episode I talk with Associate Professor from Western Sydney University – Dr Jane Mears – all about the role of social work in the context of aged care and how social workers can better highlight the needs of the elderly in Australian society. We discuss Jane’s social work research with older women who have experienced abuse and violence, and how her research has helped to create awareness of this ‘invisible’ cohort of our community.

I hope you find it helpful.


Episode 06 – Visual communication mediums and Phenomenology in Social Work with Dr Sonia Tascón.


Hi Social Work Discoveries Family,

Here’s my conversation with Dr Sonia Tascón. If you’re interested in finding more about integrating art, film and other visual mediums in your social work practice or research, then this is the podcast for you! We also delve into the interesting philosophy of phenomenology and it’s use in social work research.

And exciting news! Sonia has a new book which investigates all these topics and much, much more, and is soon to be released by Routledge (book publishers). So, if you like what you hear and want to find out more, stay tuned for an update on the book release date.

With love,


Episode 05 (Part 2) – Researching disability, violence, sex and language with Denise Beckwith.


Hello friends,

Here’s the second part of my conversation with Denise Beckwith. We hope you found it interesting and helpful.

Please share with your friends. And always feel free to reach out and say hello on twitter or facebook – @swdiscoveries – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s the ‘Silent Tears’ website – http://silenttears.com.au/



Episode 05 (Part 1) – Researching disability, violence, sex and language with Denise Beckwith.


Happy new year to the Social Work Discoveries community!

I hope the start of 2018 has begun with motivation and intent to continue making the world a better place. And thanks for all you did during 2017.

Our first episode is with disability advocate and PhD candidate Denise Beckwith. This episode you’ll hear about Denise’s experience working and researching within the disability sector, as well as her thoughts on social work, language, violence, sex and disability welfare in Australia.

Here’s a link to the ‘Silent Tears’ website – http://silenttears.com.au/ – so you can find out more about the work that Denise and her colleagues have been working on.

As always, thanks for listening!


Episode 04 (Part 2) – Child and Youth research with Dr Fran Gale & Dr Michel Edenborough.

Hello Social Work Discoveries Podcasters,

This is your link to episode 4 (part 2) of the social work discoveries podcast with Dr Fran Gale and Dr Michel Edenborough. Last episode you heard all about teamwork, the purpose of research methodologies, and researching with children and youth in Western Sydney. This episode we move on to discussing the deep and broad topic of ethics in research and the future of social work research with Michel & Fran.

A big thanks to you all for listening! Find me on twitter using the tag @swdiscoveries if you want to say hello. I hope you are enjoying the discussion as much as I am 🙂


Episode 04 (Part 1) – Child and Youth research with Dr Fran Gale & Dr Michel Edenborough.

Hi Listeners,

This is the first part of my conversation with Dr Fran Gale and Dr Michel Edenborough from Western Sydney University.

Fran and Michel have been working on a fantastic social research project involving ‘digital mapping’ in the Blacktown (Greater Western Sydney) local government area with children and young people.

In this episode you’ll hear about what it’s like working on a social work research team, as well as explore further the term methodology in social research, among other things. Keep an ear out for Fran & Michel’s description of their project – you’ll be able to hear the joy and passion in their voices!

Part 2 of the conversation will be following shortly. I hope you enjoy! Tweet me @swdiscoveries if you have any questions or just want to say hello. Cheers!