Hi all.

My name is Ben Joseph. I’m the host of the Social Work Discoveries podcast.

I am social worker. I am a social work researcher. I am social work tutor. I am a social work believer. And I am very much looking forward to sharing all things social work research with you!

I decided to begin a podcast about Social Work Research, as I was keen to find out more about all the great social work projects out there in our communities, as well as find out how social work research actually works and what makes it social worky…

Each episode I interview a social work researcher and ask them a few questions about a social work research project they’ve undertaken. Hopefully over the course of a few episodes we can begin to paint a picture of what social work research is and how it makes a difference!

This website is the home of the Social Work Discoveries podcast and will include all the transcripts and links for the pod.

I hope you enjoy.