Episode 15 – Indigenous Research, Disability Research and Activist Research with Associate Professor Dr John Gilroy.

Hello friends,

Today’s episode was recorded in collaboration and partnership with the Men’s Health Information and Research Centre (MHIRC) and mengage.org.au in the lead up to Men’s Health Week (Australia) 2020.

This is the first in a series of Men’s Health related interviews. In today’s conversation we look into many of the intersections of research, social work, activism, disabilities, Indigenous perspectives, which are all interconnected in the life and work of Dr John Gilroy (Assoc Prof at Sydney University).

Please Note: Several of the names mentioned throughout this interview have been edited in an effort to respect privacy. There is also plenty of colourful language that I thought I’d give you a heads up on in case you are sensitive to that.

This is a great yarn, we hope you enjoy!

p.s.  A special thanks to co-producers Simon Kumar and Dr Neil Hall.