Episode 23 – Researching the importance of refuges for women and children escaping domestic and family violence, with Professor Angelika Henschel.

Hello and welcome back.

This episode I am joined by Professor Angelika Henschel from Leuphana University of Lueneburg in Germany. Angelika is the Head of the institute of Social Work and Social Pedagogy at Leuphana, with her research and teaching focused on gender studies, inclusion and youth welfare. With a long history in social activism and feminist political work, Angelika is a well-known and admired agent of change in the work of Women’s Health, both throughout Germany and around the world. Angelika’s social work practice led to co-founding the first women’s refuge in her hometown of Luebeck, as well as a rape crisis collective and an organisation to bring together young women supporting each other through mutual aid and active support. I am so grateful to have met Angelika and spent some time getting to know her and learning all about her social work research and practice in this field.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.