Episode 20 – Research in social work education and lessons learnt from the Social Work Stories podcast: A conversation with Dr Mim Fox.

Hello Listeners,

This is a great episode for all those who are interested in finding out more about social work and education in the university. In particular, how it is that students are learning about social work in contemporary times. In this episode I interview Dr Mim Fox (University of Wollongong) who explores her recent research in this space, as well as going into detail around her experiences of, and lessons learnt from, the popular Social Work Stories podcast (socialworkstories.com). It’s a long episode today, but we felt that the conversation needed time and space, and we love having a good ol’ chat together.

Special thanks to Kate Draper (Western Sydney University) for all her hard work in producing this episode – congratulations Kate! I hope you are feeling proud of your efforts with this episode, I know that I am.



Episode 19 – Who’s voices are we listening to? Researching with children and young people: A conversation with Samia Michail.

Welcome back to the Social Work Discoveries podcast!

In Episode 19 I speak with Samia Michail from Western Sydney University. Samia is a researcher, practitioner, and academic focused on promoting the voices of children and young people in her work and everyday life.

The conversation we have explores the complexities of working in this field of research, and paints a picture of what the world could become if only we opened our ears to the voices of children and young people.

Special thanks to Kate Draper who produced this episode while on her final social work field placement at WSU. Congrats Kate, you did a fantastic job!