Episode 03 (Part 1) – Human Rights & Social Work Research with Professor Linda Briskman.


Hello Podcast Listeners,

In Episode 3 (Part 1) of the Social Work Discoveries podcast Professor Linda Briskman talks to me about some of her experiences of social work research and being invited by Aboriginal Communities in Australia to help share the stories of our Nation’s first peoples. She highlights why a human rights focus is integral to social work practice and research, and encourages social workers to have a critical review of who we are ‘working for’ and for what purpose are we conducting research.

Keep an ear out for her insights into Narrative and Oral History methodologies, as well as her thoughts on ‘dual loyalties’ and how social work as a profession responds to ethical practice.

Episode 3 (Part 2) continues with a discussion on research and practice with Asylum Seekers & Refugees in Australia.

I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for listening.


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